Harnessing The Power Of The Wild Heart

The Wild Heart

The best kind of self-compassion is able to harness the power of the wild heart.  Despite all social attempts to settle, entrap, and conform the heart to secular order, it remains wild, and free.  The heart wants what it wants.  It does not fair well with compromise.  It does not live well deception or relationships of convenience.  It yearns for connection, acceptance, inspiration, kindness, warmth, forgiveness, and love.  It is not better served by drama or neglect, nor substitutes, such as money and power.  It is resilient even though it would rather not be apart of rejection and abandonment, and, if you let it, it will guide you to the wholly fulfilling experience of loving and being loved.

Fears About The Wild Heart

The reason people shy way from the heart is that they think it makes them weak.  They believe it to be a vulnerability that, having no reason, chooses relationships or makes decisions that invite harm.  The heart is actually not responsible for these things.  The heart does not want selfishly, and it is not impulsive.  The heart does not want to take on relationships that are exciting, but clearly damaging and dangerous.  The heart certainly does not want you to make decisions that barter your well-being and safety for conditional acceptance.  Insecurity makes these decisions, and insecurity is an idea, a feeling, and a set of conditions that lives in your brain.

Insecurity VS. The Heart

In life, we are all led to a crossroads with respect to important decisions.  We either make conservative decisions and barter whatever we can to get the conditional promises of acceptance, and support from relationships or jobs (decisions based on insecurity), or we decipher what is necessary for us to feel safe, loved purely for who we are, and given work opportunities that inspire even more movement towards our core values (decisions based on the heart).

The reasons people pick the former rather than the latter are two-fold.  Deciding from insecurity is common, and people tend to base their actions on the actions of the people, who surround them.  Moreover, fear is a powerful motivator.  We tend to make any decision that decreases fear or helps us avoid it altogether.  However, knowing insecurity‚Äôs tricks gives us a distinct advantage.  It tells us how to get back to the wild heart.  We must simply acknowledge fear.  You do not need to puff your chest up or even defeat fear.  Simply, acknowledge it.  Know that you come by it honestly, and allow it to pass.  Then, focus on how you can make decisions from the heart.

Wild Heart Benefits

This may be a small thing to you, and you may be asking yourself why you need to change at all.  From my position, it is hard to see so many loving, worthy people accept a life of unfulfilling relationships and jobs, of abandonment and rejection, and of sadness and malaise.  Especially, when there is something that they can do about it.  We are all vulnerable to these things, and may even experience some by following the heart, but we will also have the ability to survive, find fulfilling love, and live in an inspiring way.  Seems worth it to me.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 159.  In The Books.