Becoming Your Best Self. The Dream Supreme: A Self-Compassion Visualization.

Becoming Your Best Self

Self-Compassion has the tools you need, if you desire to live the most meaningful, inspiring, and fulfilling life you can.  Be honest.  You are not the kind of person that settles for second best, unless being the very best seems to be beyond your reach, and only then do you accept it so as not to dwell on what might have been.  Sometimes, this is an important lesson in humility, but self-compassion will never ask you to settle for the second best you.  That would be tragic for you, and others.

If you are still reading, then it is clear that you have decided to be your best self, but you need a plan.  The best plans are always self-created, but require a process to organize important ideas and goals.  In this entry, we will cover such a plan.  It is called The Dream Supreme.  It is a self-compassion visualization that will give you a blueprint, and the means to become your best self.

 The Dream Supreme: A Self-Compassion Visualization

Write down three things that you have known to be true about yourself, since you were very young.  Be sure to pick out three positive qualities.  Look at these three values or characteristics, and take them in.  Now, imagine that you are a superstar, a celebrity of sorts that has become famous because of these three values or qualities.  Form this image in your mind.  What are you wearing?  How are you walking?  How do you talk to people?  What kind of thoughts do you have about yourself?  How do you imagine other people think of you?

Burn this image into your brain, and commit to this.  This is your self-compassion ideal, your dream supreme.  This is the blueprint that will lead you to your best self.  Let this image guide your actions, your relationships, and most importantly the way that you talk to yourself. 

They say when you have shucked off all of your superficial layers to reveal the truest you that you will shine brightly like a light beaming out into the universe; a model to guide others to their best selves.  In Self-Compassion Psychology, we have a saying, “If you are guided by your own kindness and values, you will surely find that which your heart seeks most.”  I wish this for you today, and all the days to come.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 150.  In The Books.