A Hug A Day Keeps The Loneliness Birds Away

The Hug

Of the many self-compassion interventions, my favorite is the ninja hug (or secret self-hug).  I like it because it is simple.  It can be done anywhere, and at any time.  It is based on thousands of years of love transmitted through one action, which means that every time we hug we are carrying on a very old tradition of caring for ourselves and others in a way that defies time, nature, and reason.

You do not need a reason to hug, or any special gifts.  Hugs can take many forms.  Sometimes, I hug people in my mind.  Sometimes, I do the self-hug in my head.  Sometimes, I think of a warm cup of tea as a hug, and sometimes I hug, pound, dap, or high-five someone to remind myself that, no matter the circumstance, that love and well-being are within reach.

Hugs Cure Loneliness

One of the lesser-known uses of hugs is to cure feelings of loneliness.  Sure, some people acknowledge that they feel less lonely after hugging someone, but very few know that they will feel less lonely by hugging themselves.  Loneliness is not truly defined by the absence of people.

Many lonely people are surrounded by people all day.  Loneliness is better defined by the absence of love a person feels.  The self-hug fills you with love, and reconnects you to all others who have loved in your lifetime and for thousands of years before.  The self-hug may be enough to cure the loneliness or it may be a great jumping off point to share this love with someone else.

Just One Hug Away From Feeling Loved

Next time you are feeling especially lonely, just remember that you are one self-hug away from feeling loved.  This intervention has been proven by thousands of years of testing.  Babies love hugs.  Kids love hugs.  Adults love hugs.  Life starts with a hug, and if you are lucky, it will end with a hug too.  Don’t wait too long to enjoy that which is easily within your reach either mentally or physically.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 170.  In The Books.