Peace, Love, And Happiness

Money, Power, Social Status

It takes self-compassion to play the long game of acquiring peace, love, and happiness.  Peace, Love, and Happiness are three things that most people take for granted.  They imagine that an interesting life is filled with money, power, and social status, and that peace, love, and happiness will be there once they grow tired of pursuing life’s truly arduous tasks.  Do not feel ashamed if this is you.  The world demands that we attend to these three things, and we cannot ignore them entirely.  If we did, we would be penniless, socially ostracized, and full of conflict and anxiety about the people and world we live in. 

Steps To Peace, Love, And Happiness

So, how do we honor the world we live in, and the values we desire to live a good life?  First, we must acknowledge, and name the burden.  Second, we must bring compassion to these feelings.  We come by them naturally, and we are deserving of safety, health, and happiness.  Third, we must reward ourselves for providing such good self-care.  Fourth, now that we have the objectivity and resources to pursue our core values, we must do so. 

Core values are the ideas that bring us the greatest feelings of peace, love, and happiness.  They will set your mind at ease, and reduce tension in your body, and you will see the value in them far beyond promises of social praise.  Core values are the values that we find that we cannot live with out, and they are deciphered over time like the qualities we learn we need in friends, romantic partners, and colleagues.

We take on this action because we are aware of one very important truth: our life, and the lives of those we love must have a loving home.  Homes are not simply obtained.  They are built.  The love and values you invest into your own experience will be the love and values you have to share with others.  Whether you seek to love a friend, a romantic partner, a family member, or a future child, you need the resources to do so, and these resources will determine what you get back.   Above all things, we need peace, love, and happiness. 

Ensuring Success in Acquiring Peace, Love, And Happiness

So, write these three things down on a notecard if you must (In big letters, PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS), and tuck it safely in your pocket, wallet, or purse.  Take it out to recall the safe and happy place inside and outside of yourself that you deserve.  Be self-compassionate, and remember that it takes time to achieve these things. 

Allow yourself the kindness to acquire the money, power, and social status that you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  When peace, love, and happiness are available, grab them with both hands, and dwell in them as long as you are able.  Note the places and activities that fill you up with these qualities, and return to these things, when you face burnout on your journey. 

Wonder if this is really possible or important?  Look no further than every thank you at every reward ceremony, since the beginning of time.  The first person people thank tends to be that person in their life that shares in or has built the peace, love, and happiness that has kept them safe, happy, and successful in the toughest of times.  If they can do it, then you can too.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 172.  In The Books.