Making Sense Out Of Making Cents

Put Some Money In My Pocket

I get asked a lot of questions about self-compassion, but one of the most interesting is how it can make people money.  I get the, “Yeah, yeah.  So, now I can be good to myself, but how can self-compassion put money in my pocket?”  Of course, I would love to start highlighting the money saved on health, unnecessary doo-hickees and doo-dads, and watcha-ma-call-its because your self-compassion is grounding, fulfilling, inspiring, and good for your body, but I don’t.

Instead, I ask people how much money they would like to make.  Once they have come up with a number, I kick the tires a little bit, and ask if they have included spending money, school for their future kids, and equity.  Normally, the number grows.  Then, I ask them how much they would need to compensate for a job, a significant other, friends, and an overall life that falls short of filling them up.  Gasps and numbers in the millions and billions tend to be the average response.

Long Term Satisfaction And Support

In truth, we can always get more money, but it is really hard to get a better life.  If you surround yourself with smart, hardworking, passionate, thoughtful people, it is likely that they will share their secrets for success.  However, other people help you understand your needs and wishes well enough to guarantee long-term satisfaction.  For that, you will need a healthy self-compassion practice. 

A Self-Compassion Exercise For Your Monetary Concerns

If after this, money problems still have you down, I have a quick exercise to remedy your issues.  First, you want to establish a foundation of feeling good.  Start with the four basic self-compassion phrases.  May I be safe.  May I be peaceful.  May I be kind to myself.  May I accept myself just as I am.  Second, clear your mind by noticing each thought on the in-breath, and letting each thought go on the outbreath.  Third, place in your mind the three things you need most.  Fourth, write these three things down, and next to them write one thing you can do now, one thing you can do later, and one person you can call to help you accomplish this goal.  Fifth, visualize completing the tasks in step four, and notice how your body feels during the process.  Sixth, lock in a time in the next two weeks to accomplish these three goals, and finish by saying, “If you did no more than you have done right now, you would still be enough.”

Man Made Money.  Money Never Made The Man.

Problem solved!  Money, health, warmth, and well-being, you have all these things.  If you truly wish to be kind to yourself, then work on your self-compassion practice.  Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and accept that you are adding to someone, who is already fundamentally complete.  Then, no matter what you do you will never forget what is important, and you will always make money work for you instead of the other way around.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 186.  In The Books.