The Self-Compassion Cheat Day: Taking A Short Vacation From Your Life

The Self-Compassion Cheat Day

I think it is possible to start every day with self-compassion, mostly because it is internally rewarding.  It makes us feel better emotionally, increases cognitive productivity, and even helps our body metabolize food, and find greater physical ease.  Nevertheless, some people feel like too much of a do-gooder, if they practice self-compassion every day, and when that desire to rebel manifests, I think you can find the self-compassion to honor it.

Am I advocating for a non self-compassionate day?  Well, no.  That does not sound like a vacation.  It sounds like your own personal torture factory.  So, let’s step away from that suggestion slowly.  Seriously, you may just take a day to be.  During this day, you may choose to be less aware, and less active in attempting to acknowledge your experience, and address it with kindness.

One solid day of a little avoidance or escape will not hurt you, especially if it is done under the guise of allowing yourself the levity to break from consistent practice, when it begins to feel monotonous or confining.  That said, if you go several days like this, the benefits of self-compassion will also be absent.  This would be like not drinking water for hours, but expecting to stay hydrated.

Four Steps To Successful Cheating

So, how do we take one of these self-compassion vacations without being gone for so long that it becomes a punishment?  First, set a day and a time limit.  Second, give yourself the freedom during this entire day to act like a complete maniac, as long as you do no harm to yourself or others.  Third, when this day is done, return to your self-compassion practice.  Four, see how this plan worked for you, and modify it in the necessary ways to make sure it is beneficial.

Keeping Your Practice Fresh

The bottom line is that the consistent practice of anything can become monotonous, and we can forget about its benefits without a break.  The break often re-energizes us, and makes us feel like more passionate, and liberated practitioners.  It is important to feel free, to feel passion, and to feel invested, when going into a helpful practice, so that you can maintain your efforts over time.  A great big hole in your back yard is not much to be excited about, but with hours of consistent work, you might have a glorious pool in which to dip your toes or in which to float, while the cares of the world slowly melt away.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 165.  In The Books.