Am I The One? 4 Easy Self-Compassion Steps To Discover Your Destiny

Where Science Meets Mysticism

Self-Compassion is a funny thing because it answers mystical questions with a scientific process.  That makes it both logical and ironic, perhaps, two of our most prized possessions.  We enjoy puzzles and the deductive reasoning we need to solve them.  Yet, when faced with an inspiring story, real or imagined, we often ask, “Am I The One?”  In other words, will my story be similar to the one I have just witnessed?  Of course, we might apply a scientific process to this, but we don’t.  Instead, we incline forward, and wait for a sign.

One of my favorite parts of self-compassion practice is that it enables us to discover our purpose by allowing us the opportunity to understand what we need to be happy and healthy first.   By purpose, I mean a continually inspiring, and revitalizing process that enables us to leave the world better than we found it.

4 Easy Self-Compassion Steps To Discover Your Destiny

I think that is enough of an intro.  Let’s look at how you can use self-compassion to decide if you are the one, unless you would prefer to remain naïve, in which case you should stop reading. 

So, step one, imagine that you are stranded on a desert island with all of the family and the people you love most.  Money and power no longer exist, and you have found the perfect mate.  If you could only have one job what would it be?  Second, what would this job require of you?  Third, what would you need to ensure you were healthy enough to do this job over a lifetime?  Fourth, name one daily practice that you could do to take care of yourself. 

Now, imagine this life.  If you find that you are distracted by money, power, or material desires, then this job is not for you.  These thoughts might be a natural consequence of life, but when you imagine your true destiny, it should be so pervasive that these things are far from your immediate experience.  Once you arrive at a completely engaging purpose, you will have the blueprint for your destiny.


Since, you have figured out your destiny, you should probably take some time to celebrate, and do something that just feels good to you.  Think about how you might be kind to yourself right now, and remember later that you accomplished your dreams by treating yourself with warmth, respect, and compassion.  If these things remain in place throughout your life, it will likely always be fulfilling.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 193.  In The Books.