Self-Compassion And Time Management


The Intersection Between Time And Priority

The intersection between Self-Compassion and Time is priority.  When it comes to events, we are a society of adders.  Like a young child at an enticing buffet, we want to try a little bit of everything.  Even when we have quenched our appetite, we still try to cram in a few more bites.  It looks like enjoyable indulgence, but the body experiences pain or punishment, when we consume too much.  When we cram as many activities into a schedule as possible, our experience is no different.  We are not so much enjoying or experiencing the second half of events we have planned fully and with great interest, as we are cramming it in as quickly as possible to forget how overwhelming it has become.

What Is Life?

What is life?  You need to ask this question if you are to understand time management.  If you believe life is about getting as much as possible until your time runs out, then you will plan like a lunatic, and feel even crazier.  If, on the other hand, you feel that life is about appreciating your experience, and engaging in it fully, then you will plan just enough to enjoy your work, your friends, your family, and your adventure.

Society programs you to do the former, so you are going to need to access self-compassion, and put your foot down to invoke the latter.  Listen to me.  You deserve to enjoy your life.  Of course, there are things outside of your control, and you would literally climb up whole mountains to avoid obnoxious work meetings, but we are talking about what you can control.  This means, given that which is already on your plate that you cannot control, what else will you plot into your life to ensure that you feel alive, aware, and inspired.

Three Loves And A Goodie

It’s funny.  When I speak to people who have spent a life time chasing a good life, they often say to me, “ I have crammed as much as I can into my life, and I’m still not fulfilled.  What does it take?”  Some of them nearly swallow their tongue, when I say, “less.”  My Aunt Susan always taught me that to truly be happy you need three loves and a goodie: someone you love, the opportunity to love them, the space to love them, and maybe a goodie or two to eat.  I have travelled the world, and some of my favorite moments are still spent in a room with her just talking about life, maybe looking through old pictures, and eating a ginger snap or two.

Self-Compassion Time Management

Before managing your time, you must do some basic self-compassion, so that you are already feeling good or at least grounded.  Notice your thoughts, feelings, or bodily sensations, slowly let them go, and repeat the self-compassion phrases (May I Be Safe. May I Be Peaceful.  May I Be Kind To Myself.  May I Accept Myself Just As I Am.). Then, think of three things that you need to feel at ease.  Do not ask yourself what you need to be satisfied or fulfilled.  This kind of question will only lead you to a revolving door of rumination.  Once you have come up with these three things, plan your time accordingly.


Of course, you will make mistakes.  You will find yourself resorting to old tactics of cram, cram, cram, but then you will notice that it is causing you discomfort and pain, and you will come back to your self-compassion practice.  Once re-oriented, you will go back to managing your time in way that brings you ease, and well-being.  This I wish for you today, and every day after.

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