Self-Compassion For Rushing


We all need self-compassion for rushing.  In this, go, go, go world, we are constantly exposed to the fatigue of get this done now.  Standing in line feels like an Olympic trial.  Traffic seems like punishment for a childhood of misdeeds, and complications with our cars, kids, friends, family, or partners feels like personal assaults.  The old motto used to be: “Good things come to those who wait.”  The new motto is: “These good things won’t last long.  Get them now, while you still can!” 

For all these reasons, we rush, which keeps our blood pressure elevated, and our minds swimming with to-dos.  No matter how much we get done, it never seems to be enough.  This disappointment leads to anxiety, and then sadness, both of which we try to escape by getting things done even faster.  Soon we are honking our horns in traffic, rolling our eyes at the people ahead of us in line, and crossing the street dangerously focused on our cell phones, when we should be watching the street. 

The Risks Of Rushing

Before we burst a forehead full of stress veins, and destroy a day’s worth of amiable encounters, we need to stop and give ourselves self-compassion for rushing.  You won’t get a trophy for being the world’s best rusher.  At best, you will get some money, and a slew of ulcers.  At worst, you will have a heart attack, a stroke, or get killed by one of those cars you are ignoring to text Bob about the business deal that could not wait until you crossed the street.  I know.  It made Bob happy, but now you are dead, and that is no way to start your day.  So let’s see what you can do to make the day a little easier, a little more manageable, and a lot better.

Self-Compassion For Rushing

First, notice that you are rushing.  Second, unclench your teeth, let out a gentle sigh so that you are no longer holding your breath, and begin to let out slow breaths, while feeling the ground underneath your feet.  Third, validate your concerns.  This world sure gets in a hurry sometimes, which makes us feel like we have to get everything done now, but because that is not possible, we are going to give ourselves self-compassion first, and then see what is manageable.  Fourth, do something really kind for yourself.  It could be finding a nice radio station while you sit in traffic, or softening your eyes and looking at a magazine while you wait in line, or perhaps walking a way from your desk for a minute to get some air or a drink of water. 

After which, you should start to feel more like yourself, and be able to come up with a plan that is manageable, and leaves you time to take care of yourself.  One thing you can always do right now that will be sure to make you feel better on some level is self-compassion.  Oddly enough, it will give you the information you need to not have to do anything else right now.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 237.  In The Books.