Self-Compassion For Your Desire To Leave A Legacy

Self-Compassion For Your Desire To Leave A Legacy

Your Desire To Leave A Legacy

We need self-compassion for our desire to leave a legacy.  Since the dawn of mankind, people have tried to leave reminders of their presence in statues, buildings, monuments, and even crudely carved initials or drawings.  To balance the difficulties that life throws at us, we would like recognition for our efforts in life and death.  For some, leaving lasting change is not only something that gives their life meaning, it is something that helps them get through every day.  And yet, because life is so unpredictable, some days we feel our work has gone unnoticed, and our legacy motivations become legacy stressors.  In these very moments, what we need most is self-compassion.

The Trouble With Legacies

It is easy to look at well-known artists, authors, inventors, those involved with business and politics, and say, “I think I could do that.  What could be more gratifying than creating lasting change?”  However, most of these people suffered greatly in their tasks, and were not fully recognized (or recognized at all) until years after they died. Transforming some part of the world means that you will have to work through very tough days without recognition.  Fortunately, you can use self-compassion to ensure that you get the rewards and care you need to persevere through these trying times.

Self-Compassion Steps For Managing Legacy Problems  

During those days in which you feel overlooked, stressed, and disappointed in others or your own efforts, name one of these feelings.  Notice where there is tension in your body, and soften around these parts.  Note how you have come by these feelings naturally.  It is so hard to work at creating change, and even harder to feel that your efforts are not valued.  Because it would be futile to try to control the future, instead we are going to focus on creating opportunities for change, since that is the one thing we can control.  Regardless of the outcome, we are going to reward ourselves for having the courage to act.  Slowly, your mind and body will get the sense that there is someone, who will always recognize and reward them for their efforts, someone they can always count on, you.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 250.  In The Books.