5 Easy Self-Compassion Steps To Deal With The Heat


The Heat

We need self-compassion for the heat.  It blurs our makeup.  It makes a mess of our hair.  It makes our clothes cling in ways we wish it would not.  It affects our skin, our sleep, our focus, and our ability to contain our anger.  I once lived in New Orleans, and folks there would brag about the climate, but be sure to make an exception for the murder months.  According to those that lived in the area, crime, especially violent crime, would escalate in the hottest months.  I mention these things because people (especially those from colder climates) find it hard to give themselves compassion for warmer days, and it’s good to know they are not alone.

Self-Compassion Steps For Managing The Heat.

The first step in managing warmer days is to dress as light as your self-image and job allows.  Some people still opt for heavier fabrics because it masks their bodies more than lighter fabrics.  Do what makes you feel most at ease. 

The second step is to bring a change of clothes with you, a small towel, and some facial soap.  In most work places, there are no proper showers that you can use, when you really need a break from the heat, but there are normally clean sinks available, which should be enough.  It is ok to do this once a shift.  Washing your face too often will dry it out.  If you feel sticky and gross multiple times a day, think about carrying around Shea Butter baby wipes.  They will absorb the oil without over-drying your skin.  I use Tugaboos, which are made by Rite Aid.

The third step is to give yourself permission to feel however you feel.  Hey, it’s your body.  Let other people worry about their own bodies. 

The fourth step is to notice how you have come by your feeling naturally, to soften around the tense parts of your body, and to give yourself permission to let this feeling go. 

The fifth step is to take breaks when you can to rehydrate, and get some air.  This will cool you down, and it is a great and inexpensive way to be kind to yourself.

365 Days Of Self-Compassion.  Day 252.  In The Books.