I treat almost the entire lifespan – 12 years old and up, and I have treated many difficulties in various clinics, schools, and urgent care facilities.  Below you will find a list of many of my specialties, but it is not exhaustive.  If you do not see your issue on this list, please feel free to inquire by email or by phone as to whether I treat your particular issue.

 I specialize in the treatment of:

·      Mind/Body Health

·      Stress Reduction

·      Goal Setting/ Life planning

·      Identity Development

·      Impulse Control

·      Depression

·      Mood Dysregulation

·      Anxiety

·      Life Changes

·      Role Changes

·      Relationship Stress

·      Work Stress

·      Family Stress

·      Managing difficult people in all social realms (work, school, home, social scene)

·      Self-Advocacy

·      Panic

·      Stress Disorder

·      Generalized Anxiety

·      Self-Criticism and Rumination

·      Loss and Grieving

·      Phobias

·      Agoraphobia

·      Social Anxiety

·      Social Difficulties

·      Relationship/Dating Problems

·      Attention Related Issues

·      Attachment Disorder in Adults and Children

·      Oppositional/Defiant/Difficult Children

·      Bullying/Trouble Fitting In

·      Trauma

See my specialties for a description of the type of therapies and treatments I offer.