My name is Dr. Jeffrey Steinbrink, and I am the founder of Cambridge Compassion and Mindfulness Psychology; a practice that is highlighted by its use of Self-Compassion Psychology and Mindfulness Psychology.  

The son of a kind, generous, and insightful psychologist, I learned at a young age how to use psychology's tools to manage life's adversities, and how to find ease for myself and others in even the most dire circumstances. 

As an adult, life's tougher questions and a greater awareness of suffering in the world required a more refined skill set.  While I practice many methodologies, none have been so effective as mindfulness and self-compassion.  In a busy world, missed opportunities to recognize hardship and address it with kindness so often leads to suffering.

I am a clinically trained psychologist accomplished in helping clients across the lifespan find success in addressing many issues, and in several settings (e.g., therapy offices, schools, urgent care facilities, and community health centers).

Working in many settings has given me the ability to adapt well to unique needs, cultures, and ages.  It also enables me to provide comprehensive therapy that focuses on individual coping skills, as well as how to use the systems available to you (friends, family, work, healthcare system, and support groups) as positive resources.

My goals are to provide a greater sense of self-compassion, mindfulness, clarity, and ease for people seeking to manage mental health challenges and for the individuals who support this work (clinicians, teachers, and family). I do this through therapy, lectures, and consultation.

To accomplish these goals I have developed a process called the 4Cs: Collaboration, Connection, Compassion, and Change.  This process draws from the following models: Self -Compassion Psychology, Mindfulness and Acceptance, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Creative/Child Therapy.

Over the years, I have helped adult clients manage difficulties, such as panic, anxiety, depression, social anxiety or difficulties, stress, relational difficulties, role changes, loss, phobias, and agoraphobia to name a few. 

I also have considerable expertise in child related difficulties, such as opposition and defiance, attachment issues, reactivity, aggression, focus issues, anxiety, child onset depression, and failure to thrive.

In the end, you have to feel comfortable to get the most out of therapy.  With this in mind, I offer a complementary, initial phone consultation, so that we can determine if this practice would be a good fit for your needs and goals.

All inquiries can be made on the contact info page, which also has a Facebook link so you can see the practice's reviews and a link to twitter for daily bits of self-compassion wisdom.  Google maps has pictures of the office, as well.

Help yourself to the complementary meditations and self-compassion blog located on the website. Have the blog delivered free of charge directly to your email by entering it at the bottom of this page, where it says subscribe.

My Cambridge office is a convenient 10 min walk from Davis and Alewife T stations (Minuteman trail), and a 15 min walk from Porter (Mass Ave). Parking is also available.  

Have any questions?  Feel free to email me at drjsteinbrink@ccmpsych.com

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